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   Release 2.43.239_1806
   * Tests
     - Fixed test site that failed after padding strings with spaces
       instead of zeros.
   * Documentation
     - Documented ``intent(inplace)`` attribute.
     - Documented ``intent(callback)`` attribute.
     - Updated FAQ, added Users Feedback section.
   * cfuncs.py
     - Padding longer (than provided from Python side) strings with spaces
       (that is Fortran behavior) instead of nulls (that is C strncpy behavior).
   * f90mod_rules.py
     - Undoing rmbadnames in Python and Fortran layers.
   * common_rules.py
     - Renaming common block items that have names identical to C keywords.
     - Fixed wrapping blank common blocks.
   * fortranobject.h
     - Updated numarray (0.9, 1.0, 1.1) support (patch by Todd Miller).
   * fortranobject.c
     - Introduced ``intent(inplace)`` feature.
     - Fix numarray reference counts (patch by Todd).
     - Updated numarray (0.9, 1.0, 1.1) support (patch by Todd Miller).
     - Enabled F2PY_REPORT_ON_ARRAY_COPY for Numarray.
   * capi_maps.py
     - Always normalize .f2py_f2cmap keys to lower case.
   * rules.py
     - Disabled ``index`` macro as it conflicts with the one defined
       in string.h.
     - Moved ``externroutines`` up to make it visible to ``usercode``.
     - Fixed bug in f90 code generation: no empty line continuation is
     - Fixed undefined symbols failure when ``fortranname`` is used
       to rename a wrapped function.
     - Support for ``entry`` statement.
   * auxfuncs.py
     - Made is* functions more robust with respect to parameters that
       have no typespec specified.
     - Using ``size_t`` instead of ``int`` as the type of string
       length. Fixes issues on 64-bit platforms.
   * setup.py
     - Fixed bug of installing ``f2py`` script as ``.exe`` file.
   * f2py2e.py
     - ``--compiler=`` and ``--fcompiler=`` can be specified at the same time.
   * crackfortran.py
     - Fixed dependency detection for non-intent(in|inout|inplace) arguments.
       They must depend on their dimensions, not vice-versa.
     - Don't match ``!!f2py`` as a start of f2py directive.
     - Only effective intent attributes will be output to ``-h`` target.
     - Introduced ``intent(callback)`` to build interface between Python
       functions and Fortran external routines.
     - Avoid including external arguments to __user__ modules.
     - Initial hooks to evaluate ``kind`` and ``selected_int_kind``.
     - Evaluating parameters in {char,kind}selectors and applying rmbadname.
     - Evaluating parameters using also module parameters. Fixed the order
       of parameter evaluation.
     - Fixed silly bug: when block name was not lower cased, it was not
       recognized correctly.
     - Applying mapping '.false.'->'False', '.true.'->'True' to logical
       parameters. TODO: Support for logical expressions is needed.
     - Added support for multiple statements in one line (separated with semicolon).
     - Impl. get_useparameters function for using parameter values from
       other f90 modules.
     - Applied Bertholds patch to fix bug in evaluating expressions 
       like ``1.d0/dvar``.
     - Fixed bug in reading string parameters.
     - Evaluating parameters in charselector. Code cleanup.
     - Using F90 module parameters to resolve kindselectors.
     - Made the evaluation of module data init-expression more robust.
     - Support for ``entry`` statement.
     - Fixed ``determineexprtype`` that in the case of parameters 
       returned non-dictionary objects.
     - Use ``-*- fix -*-`` to specify that a file is in fixed format.
 Release 2.39.235_1693  Release 2.39.235_1693
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