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 .. Contents::  .. Contents::
 Release 2.43.239_????  Release 2.45.241_1926
   * diagnose.py
     - Clean up output.
   * cb_rules.py
     - Fixed ``_cpointer`` usage for subroutines.
     - Fortran function ``_cpointer`` can be used for callbacks.
   * func2subr.py
     - Use result name when wrapping functions with subroutines.
   * f2py2e.py
     - Fixed ``--help-link`` switch.
     - Fixed ``--[no-]lower`` usage with ``-c`` option.
     - Added support for ``.pyf.src`` template files.
   * __init__.py
     - Using ``exec_command`` in ``compile()``.
   * setup.py
     - Clean up.
     - Disabled ``need_scipy_distutils`` function. From now on it is assumed
       that proper version of ``scipy_distutils`` is already installed.
   * capi_maps.py
     - Added support for wrapping unsigned integers. In a .pyf file
       ``integer(-1)``, ``integer(-2)``, ``integer(-4)`` correspond to
       ``unsigned char``, ``unsigned short``, ``unsigned`` C types,
   * tests/c/return_real.py
     - Added tests to wrap C functions returning float/double.
   * fortranobject.c
     - Added ``_cpointer`` attribute to wrapped objects.
   * rules.py
     - ``_cpointer`` feature for wrapped module functions is not
       functional at the moment.
     - Introduced ``intent(aux)`` attribute. Useful to save a value
       of a parameter to auxiliary C variable. Note that ``intent(aux)``
       implies ``intent(c)``. 
     - Added ``usercode`` section. When ``usercode`` is used in ``python
       module`` block twise then the contents of the second multi-line
       block is inserted after the definition of external routines.
     - Call-back function arguments can be CObjects.
   * cfuncs.py
     - Allow call-back function arguments to be fortran objects.
     - Allow call-back function arguments to be built-in functions.
   * crackfortran.py
     - Fixed detection of a function signature from usage example.
     - Cleaned up -h output for intent(callback) variables.
     - Repair malformed argument list (missing argument name).
     - Warn on the usage of multiple attributes without type specification.
     - Evaluate only scalars ``<initexpr>`` (e.g. not of strings).
     - Evaluate ``<initexpr>`` using parameters name space.
     - Fixed resolving `<name>(<args>)[result(<result>)]` pattern.
     - ``usercode`` can be used more than once in the same context.
   Release 2.43.239_1831
 =====================  =====================
 * auxfuncs.py  * auxfuncs.py

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