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repmat    Examples

Replicate and tile an array



B = repmat(A,m,n) creates a large matrix B consisting of an m-by-n tiling of copies of A. The statement repmat(A,n) creates an n-by-n tiling.

B = repmat(A,[m n]) accomplishes the same result as repmat(A,m,n).

B = repmat(A,[m n p...]) produces a multidimensional (m-by-n-by-p-by-...) array composed of copies of A. A may be multidimensional.

repmat(A,m,n) when A is a scalar, produces an m-by-n matrix filled with A's value. This can be much faster than a*ones(m,n) when m or n is large.


In this example, repmat replicates 12 copies of the second-order identity matrix, resulting in a "checkerboard" pattern.

The statement N = repmat(NaN,[2 3]) creates a 2-by-3 matrix of NaNs.

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