[f2py] threading with f2py

fred fredmfp at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 09:19:07 EEST 2009

charlie strauss a écrit :
> As you may know python threading, unless their is a new module for it,
> suffers from the curse of the global lock.
> to remind you, it means that python threading never is able take
> advantage of having more than one CPU because every time it goes to
> access any variable, it locks all variables, blocking all other threads
> for accessing any variable.  Thus it can only timeslice a single process
> not have concurrent processes.  i.e. threads truly stink in python in
> terms of processor utilization, but still have their uses for responding
> to events.
> Now I had read that the exception to this is that any calls to c-code or
> fortran, such as happen during I/O release the global lock and thus are
> not blocking while in the binary.
> I must have misunderstood that.  Or else I'm doing something wrong.
> what I did was I created some fortran code and wrapped if with f2py.   I
> then call this code from inside multiple python threads.
> now what I expected to happen was to see my processor utilization jump
> up from a mere 100% to 800% since I have 8 cpus and I have 8 threads.
May be I misunderstood your problem,
but I daily use multi-threading (on linux box which has up to 8 procs)
within my python code running my fortran code.

I simply use the flag

!f2py threadsafe

in my fortran code, and that's it.




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