[f2py] wrapping C/C++

Ariel Balter ariel at arielbalter.com
Tue Nov 24 07:49:47 EET 2009

I am trying to wrap c code with f2py.  I have found a couple of 
resources such as
and this post

Since I am writing, you might guess I'm having some trouble.  I'm 
running ubuntu 9.10 and compiling with gfortran and gcc.  My python 
version is 2.6.4.

Here are my files:

// ---------- f2ctest.c ----------- //

int f2ctest(int num)
  printf( "Test:%i",num);
  return -1;

// --------------------------------- //

#-------- f2c.pyf ----------- #
python module f2c
    function f2ctest(num)
      intent(c) f2ctest
      integer f2ctest, num
      intent(c) num
    end function f2ctest
  end interface
end python module f2c
#------------------------------- #

These are just the 2 example files in the post.  However, when I run 
"f2py -c f2c.pyf f2ctest.c", I get a lot of very bad looking output, 
full of the ominous word "error".  Since you probably have nothing 
better to do than to read it, I have attached it.

I would have posted this to the f2py forum, but I sincerely can't figure 
out how.  I got this by clicking on your email link on the above post.

Cheer, Ariel


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