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Module algebra

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Provides MatrixRing, SquareMatrix, PermutationMatrix classes.

Classes [hide private]
Base class to matrix rings that hold matrix element information pairs (<indices>: <element>) stored in Python dictionary.
Metaclass for Basic classes.
Represents a square permutation matrix.
Represents a square matrix.
Functions [hide private]
add_MATRIX_MATRIX(lhs, rhs, cls) source code
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div_MATRIX_SCALAR(lhs, rhs, cls) source code
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mul_MATRIX_MATRIX(lhs, rhs, cls) source code
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mul_MATRIX_SCALAR(lhs, rhs, cls) source code
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newinstance(cls, data) source code
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sub_MATRIX_MATRIX(lhs, rhs, cls) source code
Variables [hide private]
  ADD = ' + '
  MUL = '*'
  NUMBER = 'N'
  POW = '**'
  SYMBOL = 'S'
  classes = Holder('Sympy Basic subclass holder (10 classes)')