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Marco Patriarca: "Diversity-Induced Effects in Complex and Condensed Matter Systems"

by Jaan Kalda last modified 2015-05-08 13:00
When 2015-05-18
from 16:00 to 17:00
Where B101
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Heterogeneity is becoming more and more recognized as a key element of many Complex Systems.
In this talk an overview is presented of various systems ranging across very different fields, in which the diversity of the constituent units play a key
role [1].
The topics presented are of current interest in the research project  “The Role of Diversity in Complex Systems” started at the beginning of this year at KBFI.
After an interdisciplinary overview on diversity-induced effects such as Diversity-Induced Resonance [2], resonant traffic dynamics [3] and opinion dynamics [4], etc., further examples of (biophysical) condensed matter topics are discussed, related to neuronal assemblies [5], molecular biology of DNA [6], coupled bistable systems [7], and quantum light harvesting mechanisms in photosynthetic systems [8].


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