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Nonlinear dynamics and complex systems by Marko Vendelin — last modified 2011-11-02 13:41
Complexity of wave motion in solids, coherent wave fields, solitonics and surface waves, phase-transformation fronts, acoustodiagnostics of material properties, microstructured materials, impact, nonlinear integrated photoelasticity
Wave Engineering by Loreta Kelpsaite — last modified 2009-08-31 11:29
The Wave Engineering (WE) Laboratory was formed on 01.01.2009 to promote and provide a structure for research into water waves and coastal engineering within the Department of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics. The team focuses on complex and nonlinear phenomena in wave dynamics and coastal engineering, and the applications of mathematical methods in wave studies
Systems biology by Mati Kutser — last modified 2011-12-28 09:16
The main aim of the laboratory is to study regulation of intracellular processes and understand functional influences of intracellular interactions. For this, a mixture of experimental and theoretical approaches are used.
Nonlinear control systems by Mati Kutser — last modified 2011-12-28 09:18
Non-linear and robust control systems, modeling of control systems, learning and planning in robotic systems, formal testing and verification methods for distributed and embedded systems.
Physical optics by Mati Kutser — last modified 2012-03-29 10:02
Competence in ultrafast optics, optical and nonlinear spectroscopy and localized waves. Attention is to application of localized waves in femtosecond optics and nonlinear spectroscopy as well as extending operational characteristics of laser-based optical tomography.

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